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At Only The Best Care, our mission is to provide the best care with love, compassion and a smile.

Our services guarantee a great experience with your loved one right in the comfort of their home. Let us help you with anything you or your family member may need.

Only The Best Care provides all levels of home care services in collaboration with physicians, thus allowing patients to remain in their own homes.

Our employees are very reliable, respectful, trustworthy and also very easy to communicate with.

We are A NON-Medical Agency. At Only The Best Care, we have worked so hard to build our reputation of uncompromising quality and service. We guarantee adherence to our high standards of practice and employ individuals who will provide flexible, caring, and competent care in the privacy of your own home. Our mission is to bring life changing memories to you and your family. Help us stand in your position making you our priority!

At Only The Best Care, you can be confident that the skills and qualifications of each employee we assign have been carefully assessed before we match them to your care needs. All of our employees have had an in-depth interview and completed our comprehensive intake process. This ensures that all paperwork is on file, that each candidate has passed a rigorous drug screening and background check, and that we have completed reference checks and verified work history. In addition, they are experienced in a broad range of home care environments and can be counted on to handle just about any need or situation.

Our Services

Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care Services

Hearing the words Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or dementia in relation to your parent or loved one can cause worry, fear, anxiety, and many other emotions. Whether your family member is in the early stages of this illness or further along, they may require outside assistance in order to continue living safely at home. Whether your loved one is struggling with bathing and dressing, taking medications on time, getting to appointments, or proper nutrition, Only The Best Care has specialized Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia care services to help.

Personal Care Services​

We Offer a Full Range of Personal Care Services, including bathing, grooming, cooking, light house keeping, transportation, administration of medication and much more.


Our elderly Companion Services focus on optimizing our client's health, well being and sense of stability. We enjoy engaging in conversation, playing cards and board games and taking our clients out for walks and to movies. We also help with household chores like laundry, meal prep, trash disposal and much more.

Mind Therapy

No matter your age, occupation, lifestyle or background, chances are you’ve experienced struggle or challenges in your life. From anxiety to depression to more unique issues and circumstances, seeking help is the first step to healing. At Only The Best Care, you can discuss your concerns and fears at home while working with a depression and anxiety specialist who will never judge you.


Hundreds of people every day discover the exceptional brand of in-home care provided by Only The Best Care—from seniors and their families to the exceptionally caring people who discover Only The Best Care and choose to become part of Only The Best Care.

I hired Only The Best Care to care for my 90 year old mother for the last year of her life, initially only a few hours a day, gradually increasing to 12 hrs daily and then 24/7 for a few times when a change in her condition warranted extra hours. I live in California and my mother has no family in Wayne, so being able to trust her caregivers and know that she was well taken care of was, of course, essential for me.

I cannot find the words to express how absolutely wonderful and beyond my hopes the caregivers from this agency are, with a special nod to the owner of the business. She handled changes in my mother's needs effortlessly, answered her calls at 3:00 am and then always somehow was able to change the next day's schedule to accommodate her needs. She was beyond loving to both my mom and to me. She called or texted me with any concerns, and sent me videos of them talking and laughing together. Her connection to my mother was deep and extraordinary. She quickly began to feel like she was actually a part of our family.

She also supplied excellent staff when she was not with my mom herself, all of whom were loving, upbeat and very well trained in how to keep my mother safe. They kept a journal every shift and checked in with either me or with the owner for any concerns they might have. Most of all, I want to commend them for helping my mom laugh and feel positive, even during times of terrible pain. They were ALWAYS in positive moods and their enthusiasm and loving ways were infectious to her and turned a hard day into a brighter one many times.

I was able to fly east despite Covid 19 and be with my mother the last week of her life and see first hand her 2 primary caregivers, who I continued to have come and lend me a hand, even though I am a nurse and we also had hospice nurses daily. These 2 caregivers were too much of her life to not have them there through the end. I cannot imagine going through that period without them. I recommend Only The Best Care with all of my heart.

B. Scott
"I recommend Only The Best Care with all of my heart."

I wanted to send a few words your way regarding the service you and your staff provided to my parents when we were all in a bit of a crisis. We needed care a.s.a.p. I made the first call to Only The Best Care late in the evening. Not only was it was returned immediately, you found someone to come in the next morning…..and there was NO MINIMUM three or four hour time requirement. WOW! A couple of things after that which exceeded my expectations… your staff made follow up calls to see if everything was going well, you had a staff member visit with my parents to ensure they were comfortable with the care giver, you provided the same care giver time and time again to reduce confusion. I spoke with many staff members on the phone when calling in and each and every one of them was courteous, caring and extremely helpful.

Thank you for making my job of “care giver” a much, much easier one. Keep up the good work! Sincerely, Kelly M.

Kelly M.
“…Exceeded my Expectations…”

I am very pleased that I chose Only The Best Care. Their commitment to client care and integrity of their staff make families of loved ones completely at ease knowing that they are being looked after the way a family member would look after them.

In essence, I am happy to say that Only The Best Care are our “extended family.” I would highly recommend Only The Best Care to anyone who asks for in-home care as they are, in my opinion, the best and most trusted in their field.

Connie S.
“The Best and Most Trusted…”
I wish to acknowledge the superb contributions to my mother’s safety and wellbeing made by the people of Only The Best Care. Not only did you arrange for her care on very short notice, but every caregiver who came to the house was well prepared for her difficult work. Thank you for taking on the task and performing it in a superior manner. At the outset, I had no idea that your service even existed, much less could be made available so quickly. As the days passed, I was impressed with each of your caregivers as I met them. Every one of them was compassionate and skilled and added a unique touch to her care. You came recommended by a senior advisor and was told yours was the top agency of its kind. She was certainly correct in that judgment.
Sara G.
“Compassionate and Skilled Staff”

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To help us serve you, call us at (215) 240-0803 or please fill out the form below so one of our professional care team members can get in touch with you right away.

What is 7+4?

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